We’ve helped so many businesses get online that there simply is not enough room to show them all. Then there’s the problem of which website gets to be on top without offending our drongo designers. What better way to decide than with a good ol’ fashion chook raffle which is exactly whay we did (without the chooks). In any case, you’re here to see our best work so here are some of the best – the winners of the Sites Downunder chook raffle.

Kind Client Words

I looked around at a lot of web designers before choosing Sites Downunder. Why did I choose them? Because of the quality of their work and their professionalism after contacting them. Some companies I contacted kept calling and hassling me to make a sale whereas Sites Downunder honoured my request to communicate via email only and never tries to push me into something I did not want or need. After placing the order they kept me in the loop and listened to feedback and my ideas which I really appreciate. They are a nice group of people and have earned my trust and respect. I definitely recommend them to anyone out there based on what they did for us.

Andrew Lonsdale

You little bewdy! Loved your site and the Aussie theme and decided to have a go and give Sites Downunder the guernsey to design my website. Absolutely happy with the whole process. Love the price too. Thanks!

Rob O’Sullivan

I am new to running a small business and must say I really like the website, and I’ve been enjoying updating and editing the text etc. (Love the logo too and thanks for all the marketing advice). Thanks, am having a ball with this.


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