The blokes and sheilas at Sites Downunder are all University qualified professionals with stacks of experience in building, deploying and marketing websites. Unlike most other yobbos that use cheap templates from overseas, our websites are all hand made right here in good ol’ Australia. What does that mean? It means we understand what Aussie businesses need to succeed online.
Ultra high quality but cheap as chips. How?

Many of our clients ask how we can provide such high quality websites at such low prices without cutting corners by using off the shelf crappy template systems. It’s the very same question we chewed on while chewing on some snags one day at a staff BBQ years ago. We couldn’t come up with anything so we stole some of the best designers and programmers from around the country, threw a heap of money at them and locked them in a room until they solved the problem. The answer ended up being pretty straight forward – streamline the design process, shear off all the fat and focus on small businesses only.

Fair dinkum experts in every department
The Sales Team

The sales team kick into action when you first contact Sites Downunder. Their job is to listen, learn and advise you on which website package best suits your needs without waffling on about rubbish you don’t need to know. They are experts who can answer all of your questions and can translate geek-speak into plain english so you know where things are up to every step of the way.
The Design & IT Team

The design & IT team are the heart and soul of Sites Downunder. These mungrels are paid a bucket load to ensure your website is the best thing since sliced bread. They work (and eat) like animals but we let them sleep inside which seems to keep them happy. Their job is to create digital masterpieces that show your business at its best. They literally are dreamweavers. When they are not ‘weaving dreams’ they compete for our attention by inventing new and amazing web wonders. One day we also hope to have them toilet trained.
The Online Marketing Team

Whether it’s Google Adwords or SEO, our online marketing experts are second to none. These folk are as fast as a bunch of blue heelers chasing sheep when it comes to finding out what makes search engines tick.
The Support Team

We keep these blokes locked in a shed and feed them on a strict diet of sausage rolls and root beer. As long as they keep our clients happy, we keep them happy. Star performers get bonus hours in ‘the games’ room and are occasionally allowed out into the yard to play.
The Admin Team

Words cannot express how important the admin team are to sites Downunder… so there won’t be any. Seriously though, they are some of the hottest and smartest sheilas working in the web design industry and they may even get their own calendar if we can get them away from their desks long enough.