7 good reasons to blog for your business

1. Improve SEO

Its a simple question: how do your future customers find you? Typing your company name directly into the address bar would bring them straight to you, of course, but those customers know who you are already. There are direct-mail options, bitterly resented as spam, with terrible conversion ratios, and there are expensive advertisements that stop driving traffic to your site the moment the ads stop running. A blog, however, contains fresh, authoritative content that can be found by search engines and delivered to browsers who may never have heard of you before. With effective SEO being such a powerful strategy, it’s hard to ignore when it comes to traffic generation.

2. Drive Targeted Traffic

Your blog is almost certainly about something. Usually, this is the product, service, or industry you specialise in. Whats nice about this is that it helps drive traffic to your site thats heavily slanted toward people who are already interested in becoming customers for your type of company. Setting up a business blog thats focused on your area of expertise draws visitors from all over the world who have essentially been pre-screened for their interest in you.

3. Develop the Authority and Personality of Your Brand

Effective business blogging establishes you as an authority in your industry. People usually do some online research before making a major purchase decision. By making your blog the go-to resource for answering peoples questions, you automatically take on a high profile as the experts in your field. That perceived expertise makes your brand the default option for customers looking to buy. Below are a few more interesting stats from Marketing Tech Blog which reinforce the power of content when it comes to how consumers want to know about your company.

5. Drive Engagement for Your Social Media

One of the frequently overlooked perks of running a business blog is the sense of community that forms around it. While its a smart idea to use your social media followings to drive traffic to your company’s blog, the process works in reverse, too. Running an effective and engaging business blog gathers a public following around you and encourages people to identify as part of your online community. That sense of community makes it easy to connect people, via your blog, to your other social media platforms and increase the size of your audience across the board. The extra followers your blog recruits for your company’s Twitter feed and Facebook community make it far more likely that your updates will be promoted and shared, making it easier to create genuinely viral content.

6. Generate Qualified Leads

Business blogs are highly effective at driving sales and generating leads. The content you post is already drawing visitors who are uniquely interested in what you have to offer, making your blog following a recruiters dream. By including a simple call to action somewhere near the end of each post, you give visitors the chance to take another step toward becoming customers. Usually, this involves filling out a form that passes contact information, from a very interested person, remember, to your marketing team. Leads don’t get more qualified than that, and the contacts you get through your blog are self-selected to be the most receptive to your eventual sales approach.

If you dont want to go with the CTA at the end of the post, you could go with the backlinko method where you have a sidebar email subscription box on the blog with a strong message Join 13,258 other people and if youre really gutsy, have a popup. Be careful if you do use popups as this can be hit or miss so perhaps experiment with different times when it appears on the website. To read more about generating leads from your blog, check out this post on the SEMrush blog.

7. Encourage Conversions and Sales

This is where the business blog justifies the time and expense of maintaining it. Not only has its position in search results drawn a potentially huge audience, its content has served to retain visitors who are the most interested in what your company offers. A clickable call to action generates a list of people who are ready to become customers and delivers that list directly to your sales force.

Whether you’re just thinking about starting a business blog, or youve been blogging for awhile, and you want to improve your conversion rate, Webquacker is glad to help. Get in touch to find out what we can do to raise your profile across the board and turn your visitors into customers.

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